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Find Adventure in World Travel!

As the waves crashed upon the pebbled shore I thought about how the shelf could break off into the ocean any minute, taking me with it. It was a realistic possibility. I was not supposed to be here, but I couldn’t resist. I ducked under the ropes, ignoring the warning signs and proceeded across the moon landscape until I reached the Pacific Ocean.

I couldn’t think of anywhere on earth where there was newer earth than where I was. 50 yards up the shore-thousand degree lava spewed into the depths of the Pacific creating a massive sulfuric cloud of steam.
By the handfuls I juggled the smallest pebbles of glass created by the goddess of Pele herself. Soon,
through erosion, these glass shards will make a beautiful black sand beach.

Today, Kilauea was on fire!

“You should not go near the lava flow” a stranger had warned me. He was concerned I might burn my feet as I was wearing rope soled sandals. I worried about the people in thick rubber boots who would only feel the lava heat below their feet after it was too late. I ignored his warning and continued towards the deep
red glow of the crackling molten rock.

The stick I held instantly went up in flames. Playing with lava had topped my list of one of the coolest things to experience while traveling. The lava, though slow moving, could quickly surround you if you were not careful. It creaked, oozed, and spilled between cracks, and under hardened stone.

This memory is forever ‘burned’ into my mind and although it sounds dangerous it doesn’t have to be. I am super excited to introduce my new Hawaii partner, Phil, to our list of AWESOME adventures!

Phil is a volcanologist who knows the island of Hawai’i better than anyone else. A man who is committed to sustainability, he guides a wide variety of tours (The Active Eruption Tour, The Volcano Geology Tour, Volcano & Waterfalls Discovery, The Lava Proximity Hike, Waterfalls & Valleys Discovery, and The Personal Discovery Tour) and does it in a fresh, laidback Hawaiian fashion.

This made me realize the importance of travel specialists such as myself. Sure there would be a chance for you to discover Phil and his biz, but there is also a BIG possibility you wouldn’t have. And what if you wouldn’t have? That’s too depressing to even think about, so we’re not going there.

Vacations and tours are easier to book and research online yourself, in fact probably easier than ever before, HOWEVER, I had an epiphany.

Only last week I had the pleasure of researching and booking a Hawaiian vacation for one of my clients.

They were more than happy to pay me for my services BECAUSE they received the specialists’ knowledge and care they were looking for. It was ALSO great timing to have just teamed up with Phil.

However, it wasn’t Phil and his tours they were most happy to hear.

It was that I was able to save them $40 PER night on their condo!

Sure my client could have booked it herself, but she would have NEVER found the deal that I could offer her and here is why:

Travel professionals (like me) have access to deals not offered to the public.

And this goes for all aspects of travel, so the next time you are looking to save money to experience more, let the Professor do the research for you! You might just save more than you ever thought.


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